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Automatic efficient scheduling tool that uses artificial intelligence

OPTAS - automatic efficient shift planning tool
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Innovative Solution

Automatic shift planning tool that uses artificial intelligence and takes into account the specifics of various scheduling rules:

Labour Law requirements

maximum working time per week, compulsory rest between shifts, etc.

Total working time rules

working time mode and time rate, historical data of the accounting period are taken into account, etc.

Employees’ Need / Production Plan

working time mode and time rate, historical data of the accounting period are taken into account, etc.

Employees’ contracts

position, abilities, employee's working hours, day / night work, etc.

Specific business rules

shift patterns, specific shifts, group work, staff coming together and so on.

Employees' availability

holidays, Parents’ Day, public holidays, requirements to (not) work in a certain shift, etc.

Schedule creation process with OPTAS

Automated schedule creation process with OPTAS system

Why is the system useful?

Automatic schedule creation

OPTAS will automatically find the most suitable solution for the planned monthly schedule, when the right person with the right experience and qualifications is assigned to the right shift at the right time.

Compliance with the required rules

System makes sure that your company’s schedules meet the mandatory requirements of the Labour Law and the rules of total working time accounting.

Overtime and downtime minimization

The system minimizes employees’ overtime and downtime, and if it is not able to do so, you are informed accordingly of the reasons why this task is not solvable.

Individual shifts' plan

Shifts can be scheduled individually for each day of the month and the system will automatically and efficiently distribute the shifts to specific employees of the company.

Quick reaction to changes

The system ensures flexible and fast schedule changes in the event of a change in the work plan or illness of certain employees.

Employee involvement in the scheduling process

With the help of OPTAS, involve employees in the scheduling process, during which they can provide their requests for shifts in a future schedule.

Information about new schedule

The created schedule immediately becomes available to your employees and you no longer have to worry about sending it through different communication channels. Employees can access the schedule simply on their phone.

Preserving scheduling knowledge

The system remembers the specifics of your schedules, always knows the rules of the Labour Law and total time accounting, and learning how to use the system does not require any specific knowledge from the manager.

Analysis of schedule and its’ efficiency

OPTAS provides an opportunity to analyse the schedule in various ranges. The system displays the distribution of resources, the number of shifts required and the busyness of employees.

Forming timesheets

Employees can clock in and clock out via OPTAS Time Clock application and all you have to do is confirm their timesheet entries or make the necessary changes.

Integrations with other organization's systems

OPTAS can be integrated with payroll, personnel accounting, access control or other systems used by your company.

OPTAS – a modern, up-to-date solution that grows with your company

Constant updates, maintenance and attentive listening to the customer's needs allow us to create the product that the customer needs. There is no need to worry about the changed Labour Law rules, as our team ensures timely compliance with its’ orders in the system.

It is always possible to adapt the program to the individual needs of your company.

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OPTAS information system is available in a web browser. The monthly price depends on the number of employees and the functionality the company chooses to use. * With more than 100 employees and / or when purchasing services for a longer period of time, tiered discounts are applied.

VAT is excluded.


For those who need a better way to plan their team shift work
€2 / employee / month
  • Scheduling tool
  • Compliance with the Labour Law
  • Total working time rules
  • Analytical data of schedules
  • Personal employee's schedule view
  • Schedule export & printing


For those who want to automate their shift scheduling and / or timesheet filling processes
€4,5 / employee / month
  • Essentials functions
  • Automatic shift scheduling
  • Configurable scheduling rules
  • Finding replacement staff for sick-leave or dropped shifts
  • Attendance tracking
  • Timesheet export
  • Reporting (by agreement)


For those who want to the maximum automate and involve employees in the shift scheduling process
€8,5 / employee / month
  • Professional functions
  • Employee notifying
  • Staff availability and requirement management
  • Shift swapping between employees
  • Employee time clock app
  • API access
Coming soon!


For those who need to tailor the program to their unique business needs
€12,5 / employee / month
  • Enterprise functions
  • Custom implementation to unique needs of the organization
  • Integrations to organisations’ systems (payroll, personnel management, access control or other)

* Minimal number of employees – 20.

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